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Alice predominantly works with female clients and teaches them how to maintain a healthy balance between their gym life and their home life. She's a friendly and knowledgable trainer.

Her main focus with her clients is making sure that they develop new healthy habits that will help them train better, get stronger, move well, and feel amazing in their own skin.

Instagram: @Alicelillypt



Barbara is a fully qualified Level 3 personal trainer, physique and fitness coach, and an IFBB figure. She has experience working with a wide range of clients both in the gym and online.

Barbara's passion is helping her clients take a step closer to their goals every session. She also works with her clients outside of the gym to ensure they know the right foods to eat and they improve their mindset and self-image along with their physique.

With her years of knowledge, personal experience and expertise, Barbara is sure to help you reach your goals.

Instagram: @babsbodyfit



Danny has over 9 years of experience as a personal trainer and specialises in body transformations and life coaching with a passion for helping his clients change their lives for the better.

With a firm belief that health and fitness is something everyone should be able to enjoy, Danny has trained people from all walks of life achieve their goals.


He always aims to create fun and positive sessions for his clients that makes full use of his years of experience.

Instagram: @dannykeenpt



Elliot is a Level 2 personal trainer and is currently working towards his level 3 qualification. He has a keen interest in competitive bodybuilding and nutrition with years of experience in weight training under his belt.

As an all-round personal trainer, Elliot really enjoys helping all kinds of people find their feet in the gym whether they're new to training or experienced bodybuilders.

Instagram: @elliot_padgham95



Louis' biggest passion is helping his clients develop into the people they're meant to be mentally and physically. To him, being a good coach means more than prescribing sets and reps.

Coaching is a partnership to Louis and he builds his coaching plans with the client so that they have a plan that suits them perfectly blending what they want with what they need.


Louis' clients will receive top-of-the-line training and all the knowledge they need to succeed.

Instagram: @lp_performance_coach



As a seasoned figure competitor, Mel has a wide base of knowledge to pull from when training her clients. Her passion for all types of training, from functional fitness to powerlifting, shines through during her rigorous sessions.

Mel always pushes her clients to bring out their best in all aspects of their training.

She enjoys the challenge of teaching movements and watching her clients improve.

Instagram: @Melissa_ava_nicola

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