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We have two entire floors dedicated to our range of Hammer Strength, Precor and Life Fitness resistance machines, as well as two dedicated leg rooms.


Every gym machine has been carefully selected to help you to get the most out of your free weights and resistance training, no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey. Gym equipment on offer includes:

  • 4 different types of leg presses

  • 4 different types of hack squat

  • Pendulum squat

  • Standing, seated, and lying hamstring curl

  • Gymshop Kit Unique Squat Pro Machine

  • Gymshop Kit Single Arm Pulldown

  • Nautilus Glute Drive

  • Atlantis Incline Press

  • Atlantis Shoulder Press

  • Prime Fitness USA Incline Press

  • Prime Fitness USA Shoulder Press

  • Prime Fitness USA Extreme Row

  • Prime Fitness USA Seated Row

  • 2 x assault bikes

  • Curved treadmill


On top of all of this, we are the only Ashford gym that can provide dumbbells up to 80kg.


LRF Gym is a Kent gym with a difference; welcome to the largest weight training facilities in Ashford. We’re proud to say we have the best weight lifting facilities of any gym in Kent, with over 120 pieces of top-quality workout equipment in our 13,000 sq ft space. Whether you’re a weight lifting beginner or a bodybuilding veteran, we have an extensive range of gym equipment to help you reach your goals.


We personally try every gym machine before purchasing, because we want to be sure all of our gym equipment is of the highest quality. We choose top brands including Prime Fitness USA, Atlantis and Gymshop Kit for their quality, longevity, safety, and popularity.


When it comes to cardio training, you’ll find more than just the usual treadmills here at LRF Gym. We have every bit of kit you could need to get an amazing cardio workout in our dedicated cardio room, where you’ll find:


  • 8 treadmills

  • 6 exercise bikes

  • 4 stairmasters

  • 2 sprint bikes

  • 2 cross trainers

  • 2 rowers

  • 1 SKI erg

  • 1 curved treadmill